Medical due diligence

When you are planning an investment into healthcare company, you always make sure that meticulous financial and legal due diligence analyses are performed.

How about medical due diligence? Do you simply rely on the hospital or other healthcare company to comply with the local government guidelines and regulations? Do you regard a certificate of quality management as sufficient evidence of adequate medical quality?

Proper medical due diligence is a necessity in every investment decision into companies that provide medical services. We are experts in the assessment of true medical quality, identification of medical process flaws and pitfalls, and detection of “hidden secrets” in the diagnostics and treatments. These are the things that can potentially cost a large amount of money if not taken into account before investing.

Medical due diligence is especially crucial when investing into a foreign country with sometimes dramatically different healthcare culture. Our doctors and medical professionals can provide you with the high-quality medical due diligence services you require.

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